ACTIVE CAMPAIGNCall script forgetting a meeting with your Rep's local office

While we continue to make progress on the EAGLE Act, we need your participation to take it to the next level. Use the call script below to get a meeting with your Representative's local office.

Call Script

1) My name is ________________.

2) I live in ________________ (and work at ________________). My family and I are active members of our vibrant community in the District.

3) I am one of the thousands of your constituents who will die in a 200-year discriminatory green card line only because I was born in India.

4) As your constituents, I along with other members of our community in the District would like to meet and discuss this critical and urgent issue with you.

Need Help?

Never had a Congressional office meeting before? We are here to help! Join us over in Discord here and we can connect you with more active members from your district.